Darlene Jalava


My name is Darlene Jalava.  A Certified YUEN Method® Master and Instructor, I am here to support you to improve in all areas of your life, whether its health, money/finance, fitness/body reduction, relationships or career/purpose.

At the Naramata Spring Awareness Festival I discovered the YUEN Method®. Right away I “felt” the Yuen Method® was the big piece of the  puzzle I was looking for.  It connected all the dots to what I had already experienced in my life.  I knew instantly, that everyone could benefit from this work.  The Yuen Method® can improve any and all areas of your life, quicker and more efficiently than you can imagine. Using all the tools and experiences from my previous training, in addition to the energetic awareness of the Yuen Method®,  I am able to offer the results my clients are looking for.

I am so grateful for the flexibility of self-employment as I am a mother of two beautiful daughters who lead very active lives with school, sports, work and social activities.  I use the Yuen Method® to empower my daughters to achieve their greatest success in all that they choose to do. I can do this for you as well.

I have clients from all over the world:  because of this, I am flexible with appointment times and can offer sessions convenient with anyone’s busy schedule.

When you, a friend, family member, or pet are looking for improvement in health, relationships, finances, fitness, fulfillment; or are looking to create more in psychic, mental, psychological or spiritual areas of your body, I am here for you.  If you are interested in stepping beyond aging to create vibrant, youthful living, I am excited to facilitate this possibility for you.


Working in the Health Care System for 25 years and seeing alot of pain and suffering, led me to search for ways to improve ones life.   I was already using holistic, natural approach for myself and my children.  I got great results using Young Living Essential Oils.  Learning that it was the vibrational frequency of the oils that supported the body to repair with great speed I immersed myself in a myraid of vibrational and energetic based therapies.
*Touch for Health


*Quantum Touch


*Life Coaching

*Heart Resonance Therapy

*Millennium Method

*Matrix Energetics

*Clear Heart Mastery

*Body Mind Psychology

*Muscle testing

All of these ground breaking approaches have developed my expertise in effectively speeding up the process of repair, regeneration, rejuvenation inside and outside of the body, mind and spirit.

I also offer in person body work as a Raynor Massage Professional utilizing all my experiences to create greater improvement for you.


When I am not supporting clients create their resilient, thriving lives and healthy, youthful bodies;  I enjoy adventuring the beauty of BC’s coastal nature.  I love water and playing on rivers and lakes:  I also walk and run with my dogs or hike in the mountains with my friends and family.

Please feel free to fill out your details on my contact page at this link: http://darlenejalava.com/contact/
and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Rest assured.  I honour your privacy and will not share your information with anyone.

I am looking forward to connecting with you soon.