Hello everyone i was having really bad pain in my left side of lower back. Because of the Corona Virus, social distancing is in effect. But beating all odds Darlene did a session over phone and texts which acted like a miracle. Pain is gone. Thanks again Darlene. You are the best.”
-Ravi, Abbotsford
I feel as if I don’t have the right words to express my gratitude for your wonderous healing gifts. The time I have spent with you has really changed my life. I feel so much lighter, relaxed and know that as I remember to stay grounded and neutral everything will be ok. You have a beautiful heart.”
-Jenny, Kamloops
I will admit that at first I was skeptical…but my daughter’s knee was an on going concern and she complained about it every day. I thought, why not try this. So glad we did. My daughter and I both felt the energy shifting that day and she hasn’t complained about her knee in such a long time!! I have since seen Darlene regarding other issues and have continued to be amazed. Because of her when my mind starts to focus on a situation I have no control over, I know how to recognize this and change the thought process. Because of her my lower back doesn’t seem to be such as issue in my life….Thank you Darlene for your incredible work!!
-Barb Shannon
Every session with Darlene is a healing experience. I am amazed and grateful when the shift occurs, and the issue is gone. I recommend everyone experience a session with Darlene.
– Katrina Maki
I have known Darlene for about 18 years or so. I have always been intrigued by the alternative health field she was into. I had an injury to my wrist this year. I went to see her and I was amazed by what she did with me. I couldn’t believe that when I went into her office I couldn’t move my wrist very much and there was a lot of pain. When I left I was moving it like there was never anything wrong with it and the pain was gone! This was my first time that I have done anything without seeing a Dr. first. I was amazed that she was able to heal me with very little contact and all energy healing. After that first visit I was amazed. I now see her when I can with issues that arise. They have mostly been pain issues, some self inflicted, to heart burn to colds. She has been able to help me via text if I was unable to get into her office. I am very grateful that I have decided to see her finally about my health after all these years. Thank you for all your help past, present and future!!
-Tasha Hand
I would like to thank you for our healing session. In the last few months i had developed aches and pains, as if i had a pinched nerve. During our session you connected with me to feel the weakness and then strengthened it…all through energy. I felt empowered afterwards, the pain went away, as if a weight had been lifted. Although I was a skeptic at first, I was amazed at how good i felt inside and out.
You are such a blessing! I feel peaceful and whole.”
I first met Darlene when seeking help with my fear of winter driving, a longstanding fear that had become uncontrollable and exhausting. After our session, I was no longer consumed by worry, instead I felt empowered and in control. Since then Darlene has helped me on a number of issues, each time with amazingly positive results; aches gone, pains gone, limitations gone.
Which brings us to today where again, another remarkable experience. I expressed to Darlene my desire to receive an answer to a important question, the answer was not coming to me, no signs, no messages, despite my requests for it. Darlene strengthened me to connect to the answer, and the answer to connect to me. Later in the day, out of the blue, an unexpected visitor came by, bearing the answer I had been seeking. There is no doubt in my mind that this occurred from Darlene’s extraordinary abilities. My most sincere thanks to you Darlene, you are truly an angel! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.
-Cathy Ras