About the YUEN Method

The YUEN Method ® is an innovative, hands-off energetic technique, developed by Dr. Kam Yuen. It blends ancient Chinese Temple Healing, quantum bio-physics, chiropractic and other Western alternative modalities to identify and instantly strengthen weaknesses in energy; that are preventing you from effortlessly attaining the results you deserve.

The YUEN Method ® raises the bar for humanity by providing consistent results for success in: fitness, relationships, finances, purpose, career, youthfulness, time and health.  This work delivers results on all levels of being:  physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual, at quantum speed.  No exercise, drugs, meditation, devices, hypnosis, religious beliefs or even belief in the method itself are required.


How is this possible you may be asking yourself ?

Your body functions much like a binary computer in the sense that it is either on or off, strong or weak. The central nervous system acts as the hard drive: the peripheral nervous system as the soft ware. Energetic corrections are made on multiple levels of consciousness.  These are  aligned on all levels, existences and dimensions and made possible by your connection in the unified field.  I refer to this unified field as the HSN or “Higher Self Network”.

The YUEN Method ® utilizes intuition and perception to ask the correct question and observe when a person’s energy goes weak. This allows the practitioner to pinpoint the root cause. Awareness of the root cause eliminates energetic weakness with an energetic correction. The correction is a shift in energy, similar to a light switch being flipped on. Once the energy is shifted, issues no longer exist.
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