I offer private one-on-one sessions – both in person and online: as well as group classes, in all Levels of YUEN Method ® Mastery.  I also offer body work sessions as a Raynor Massage Professional.  I help you shift the energy of any limitation, disease, illness or challenge so that you create optimum health, financial and business success, healthy relationships and neutral well-being.

Just as the YUEN Method ® works on all levels of being, Raynor massage works on the interconnectedness of the body.  It identifies “bands of tension” that exist throughout the human body.  Once these bands of tensions release, clients receive deeper health and well being: pain, stress and emotional issues are significantly reduced, if not eliminated completely.

Raynor massage is one of the world’s most advanced systems of massage and bodywork. It is holistic and draws knowledge from Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage, Hawaiian medicine, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage.


The bands of tension become tight due to physical and emotional stresses.  These bands are similar but different to the meridians of Chinese medicine. Breath work techniques from yoga are often added to the massage process to expel toxic energy.

A Raynor Massage session works with the body, mind and spirit as a whole.  It honors the interconnectedness of a person’s physical well being, emotional health and alignment with their spiritual purpose in life.


Connect by phone, Skype, or in person if you are in the Abbotsford, BC, Canada area

* Get on the pathway to improving.  60 minute YUEN Method ® Session


*Package deal to keep the momentum going.  Five 60 minute sessions to use weekly, bi weekly, once a month.
What works best for you, your family and pets.


*Keep connected.  Quick check in to bring everything up to 100% infinite potential and beyond.
20 minute session to reset body, mind and spirit.



If you are looking for a Raynor Massage Professional, look no further.

* 60 minute session


*90 minute session


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